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Welcome to East Meets West by Ryan Rodenbaugh

I started this newsletter with a focus on breaking down the product, business model, and strategy of Asian technology companies. Each issue will be a deep dive into the most important companies and trends shaping the tech industry in Asia.

My goal with each issue is to be information-dense while also providing insightful, high-level commentary on trends. In most cases, such as my upcoming WeChat issue, I aim to provide the single most comprehensive English language overview of each company.

In Zero to One, Peter Thiel said, "The easiest way for China to grow is to relentlessly copy what has already worked in the West.” At some point, that was true. However, I don’t think it’s true anymore. Already, Western technology companies, especially consumer-focused companies, are looking to China and SEA to copy ideas coming from Asia’s best entrepreneurs. 

More often, we will see western technology companies “relentlessly copy what has already worked in the [East]” 

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Ryan Rodenbaugh
Ryan is writing about the tech indsutry in Asia https://eastmeetswest.substack.com/